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"Ashley is amazing! She helped me build my business from the group up. I couldn't have done it without her!" ~Iman

"As soon as I hired Ashley, she man an immediate impact on my business. She is a thought-leader and has become a strategic creative partner in the growth of HartDesignCo. She takes the reins in any project to see it through to completion. She is clear and direct in her communication and never fails to exceed my expectations." ~ Andee

"Thank you Ashley! You have been nothing less than professional and helpful. Will work again in the future." ~ Al

"Thank you! Ashley is so awesome to work with!!" ~ Jenni

"Highly recommend this amazing lady! So professional and makes the process smooth and not overwhelming!!!!" ~ Alli

"This Girl is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend her services (anything marketing)" ~ Chelsea

"I love working with you!!" ~ Codi

"You are the best! Thank you for all you’ve done for my biz!!!" ~ Tamar


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