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Meet Our Awesome Team

Ashley Fritsche

Ashley is a mother first and foremost to two beautiful children, Nathan & Sayley. She started Petal & Bloom Tech Marketing to empower women-owned businesses and create a safe space to learn and thrive in the online environment. After 10+ years in global marketing for multi-seven figure corporations, Ashley decided to reinvest her experience and knowledge where it counts, in female entrepreneurs. She spends her free time in the mountains of Idaho tent camping, white water rafting and hiking to beautiful alpine lakes.


Favorite Food


fun facts

My Great-Uncle was the founder of HP Computers.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA

Johamia Michaud

Hello there! I'm Johamia, a firm believer in the power of Jesus, faith, kindness, and a well-organized plan. I am a born again child of God and that loves to serve and bring kindness to others. A recent graduate of University of Central Florida I have loved marketing since the 10th grade, where I was introduced to Deca competitions and absolutely fell in love with the marketing world. 

Favorite Food

Supreme Pizza 

fun facts 

I used to be a ballet dancer 

I used to be President of the French Honor society while holding the treasurer position in History honor society.

Client Account Manager

Ashley Zitofsky

Asana Project Manager

Hi there! I'm Ashley, a project manager and former wedding designer & planner! I love the fun things in life - traveling, brunch with friends, and anything in the sunshine or by the water. I grew up loving the psychology behind things and why people do the things they do and I think that's what draws me to marketing. What draws people in and makes them interested.

Favorite Food


fun facts 

My passion is home remodeling and design.

I've lived in 9 different states.

Website Developers

Renee Ellis

Shopify Developer & IT

Renee is a professional website designer with over 15 years of experience. She is passionate about helping small business owners achieve their business goals using proven strategic design strategies.

Favorite Food

I can't chose just one : Tacos, Popcorn, and Ice-cream!

fun fact

I like to play video games and D&D

Kimberly Yarbough

Kimberly is a devoted web designer committed to empowering female entrepreneurs in crafting compelling online identities. With a sharp aesthetic sense and adept technological skills, Kimberly excels in transforming digital platforms into captivating showcases for your distinct talents. She streamlines the design process to seamlessly bring your vision to life.

Favorite Food

Crab Legs

fun facts

I learned to knit from watching a YouTube video years ago. I still enjoy knitting whenever I can find the time.

I'm also a licensed cosmetologist.  Although I haven't been behind the chair in years, people still call me for appointments.

Showit Designer/Developer

Creative Team

Daria Sytarchuk

Daria is a senior graphic designer with 14+ years of experience, and a graduate of York University / Sheridan College Joint Program in Design. Daria excels in all aspects of the design process, from ideation to delivering polished digital assets. She is certified by Google in UI/UX and her design work has been featured twice in the Applied Arts Magazine.

Favorite Food


fun fact 

Daria loves photography and painting, her hobbies when not spending time with her two kids.

Graphic Designer


I’m Brittany, I have been a marketing specialist for over nine years. Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs I am very passionate about using my marketing skills to help startups and small businesses thrive. I am originally from Maine and love spending time outdoors, especially running.

Favorite Food

Popcorn & Pasta

fun facts 

I studied Game Theory at the London School of Economics

I played rugby in college

Paid Ads & Copywriting

If you're in need of some extra care and personal guidance, let's connect over a Zoom call. Our one-on-one consulting sessions offer a personalized approach to help you design a tailored business strategy, create enticing offers, or navigate the challenges of single motherhood. We recognize that while community is fantastic, it may not suit everyone. If you're looking to dip your toes in, or simply require that extra level of support, explore our one-on-one meeting options. We're here to support you every step of the way.

"Heal my heart and soul, balance personal & professional finances, and create a business that enables me to be present in my children's lives."
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