Our team of ad specialists are skilled in audience and keyword research, compelling ad copywriting, and continuous optimization to ensure we meet your CPA goals. Stay informed with our monthly reports and optional bi-weekly check-ins. Experience better results with your paid ads today.

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From audience research to ad creation and optimization, our comprehensive approach ensures every dollar you spend on ads delivers maximum value. We’re not just managing your campaigns - we’re engineering them for success, constantly fine-tuning to hit your desired CPA and performance goals. With us, you're always in the loop through monthly reports and optional bi-weekly check-ins.

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We provide a comprehensive range of social media services encompassing both organic and paid strategies. Our expertise covers popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. From content editing, copy creation, and graphic design to hashtag research and scheduling, we handle every aspect of your social media presence. Consider us your one-stop-shop for all your social media needs.

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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

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Our team of experts deliver a seamless ad experience by meticulously building your campaign, crafting compelling copywriting, targeting the right audiences and integrating them all together. This comprehensive approach ensures you reach your desired Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) effectively and efficiently. From monthly reporting to bi-weekly check-ins, we've got everything covered for you.

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The smarter you spend, the further your budget goes. Let us help you optimize your ad campaigns with comprehensive analysis and reviews. We don't just set up your ads, we continuously monitor them to ensure maximum ROI. Get more out of every dollar spent with our expertise in paid ad management.

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Ashley and her team are incredibly talented at website design, online marketing, and all things tech. I have been working with Ashley for almost 2 years and she has become an integral part of my business. She is not only professional and amazing at what she does, but she is kind and an amazing human!


I am beyond grateful for this incredible women-led tech marketing team. Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in transforming my website and my business! They have gone above and beyond to ensure the success of my business and continue to do so month to month. Thank you for proving over and over that when women support one another, incredible things happen!


Nothing less than an incredible experience.
Depth/Breadth of knowledge, upfront and transparent communications, amazing humans; what more could you ask for?


Ashley is amazing! She helped me build my business from the ground up. I couldn't have done it without her!

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